How to use Domain Search

How to use the Domain Search

Using the Domain Search

  1. Search multiple keywords by copying and pasting your keyword list into the textarea 1.
  2. Enter words you want to exclude from the results in to the textarea 2.
  3. Select search type Exact, Broad or Phrase.
  4. Enter the minimum amount of monthly searches to return in your results.
  5. Enter the number of results to return (maximum is 800):
  6. Check the Typo Domains box if your want to see available typo domains

Previous Searches

  1. This results page shows your previous searches sorted by date / time
  2. The results are organized for your convenience by:


  1. Parent Keyword (Original Search Term)
  2. Related Keyword
  3. AMS (Average monthly searches)
  4. NET (Available Dot NET domains and links to Godaddy)
  5. COM (Available Dot COM domains and links to Godaddy)
  6. Trends (Links to Google Trends)
  7. Google (Links to Google Search)
  8. Save keywords by clicking the green plus icon

Saved Keywords

  • On the saved searches page you can:
    1. View
    2. Delete
    3. Export to excel